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Help for christmas

gregdavid started this conversation
We are a millitary family that has went down a long hard road this pass year. I put my husband on a bus and said good bye not knowing if i would see him again. It was so hard but i smiled through the tears for my children. i just told them every night that daddy will be home soon and he is in gods hands. when i got that call that he was going to be home soon i cried tears of joy. He came home and our life was going good. Then we all started to get sick,and found out that it was from black mold, The health dep told us to leave evrything and dont go back in. so we lost everything clothing toys beds eveything. We are putting things back together its just really hard. Just when we thought things are going good we find out the house we are in and renting is being forclosed. We got that all worked out thank goodness we are just going day to day. We are in need of help for christmas if any one has any info or can help please get back with me. god bless you
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